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Forthcoming Projects 2010


Pendragon Cuff Beadwork (US), February 2010

Pretty in Peach Lariat Bead  (UK), February 2010

Tudor Button Cuff Bead (UK)

Sapphire Seas Bead (UK)

English Rose Bead (UK)

Coin Knot Bail Bead (UK)

Saxon Collar Bead (UK)

Crystals in Colour Bead (UK) Special Issue

Crystal Cuff Beads and Beyond (UK)

Rainbow Victory, Elements of Beadwork book, Beadworkers Guild (UK)

Alien Geometry, Elements of Beadwork book, Beadworkers Guild (UK)





Published Projects 2009


Murano Plum Earrings Step by Step Beads (US), January 2009

Second Chance bracelet Beads & Beyond (UK), February 2009

Clunk Click keyring Beads & Beyond (UK), February 2009

Artist profile Bead (UK), April 2009

River Cuff Step by Step Beads (US), May 2009

Cheapskates Corner article Bead (UK), June 2009

Patterns of the Serengeti necklace Beadwork (US), June 2009

Blue Ice necklace Step by Step Beads (US), July 2009

Blue Ice earrings Step by Step Beads (US), July 2009

Starfish earrings Step by Step Beads (US), July 2009

Cornflower Charms pendant Step by Step Beads (US), July 2009

Pearl Picots Collar Bead (UK), August 2009

Treasures of Atlantis necklace Step by Step Beads (US), September 2009

Treasures of Atlantis bracelet Step by Step Beads (US), September 2009

Treasures of Atlantis earrings Step by Step Beads (US), September 2009

Vintage Ribbon Cuff Bead (UK), October 2009

Little/Large Lariats Bead (UK), December 2009

Reader’s Diary Bead (UK), December 2009





Competitions and Awards 2009


Winner, Seventh Ugly Necklace Contest: The Story Of My Beading Life

Winner, Beading Daily Gemstone Challenge: Treasures of Atlantis

Winner, Jewellery Maker of the Year, Crystals category: Volcano Flower

Winner, British Bead Awards, Crystals category: Fading Beauty

Runner-up, British Bead Awards, Other Finished Jewellery category: On Safari

Runner-up, British Bead Awards, Beyond Beads category: The Dryad’s Buttons





Published projects 2008


Sunset Earrings, Step by Step Beads (US), January 2008

Rose Garden Collar Bead (UK), February 2008 – on the cover

Feature interview, Beadworkers Guild Journal (UK), February 2008

Daisy Dreams Cuff Beadwork (US), February 2008

Rose Garden Cuff Bead (UK), April 2008

Game Time Bead and Button (US) online, May 2008

Going Bananas Necklace Beadwork (US), June 2008

Rose Garden Earrings Bead (UK), June 2008

The Big Apple Necklace Beadwork (US), August 2008 – on the cover

Leaf Choker Bead (UK), August 2008

Bubbly Beads Beads & Beyond (UK), September 2008

Peyote Paradise Bead and Button (US), October 2008

Pink Champagne Bracelet Beads & Beyond (UK), October 2008

Olive Rose Necklace Beadwork (US), October 2008

Crystal Caterpillar Charm Bead (UK), October 2008 – on the cover

Japanese Silk Necklace Step by Step Beads (US), November 2008

Zebra Choker Bead (UK), December 2008 – on the cover

Sparkling Eyes Cuff Beads & Beyond (UK), December 2008

Raindrops Necklace Beadwork (US), December 2008

Midnight Garden Cuff Beading Daily (US) online, December 2008





Published images 2008


'Fruit & Flowers' lariat Bead magazine Readers' Gallery, Feb 2008





Competitions and Awards 2008


International Ugly Necklace Contest – 10th place with ‘I Let Our Love Sing – F(orte)’





Published projects 2007


Marie Antoinette Collar Beadwork (US), April 2007

Funky Charms Bead (UK), August 2007

Dainty Charm Bracelet Bead (UK), August 2007

‘Treasures from the Gutter’ [found objects] Bead (UK), August 2007

Neapolitan Twist Necklace Beadwork (US), August 2007

Breakaway Necklace Beadwork (US), October 2007

Crystal Magic Charm Set Bead (UK), October 2007





Published images 2007


'Seven-Eyed Chatelaine' response to challenge 'Bead a Talisman'. Beadwork magazine, Dec 2006/Jan 2007. Beaded eye bead with lush tassel of charms.

'Rainbow Victory' response to challenge 'Bead a Prize'.  Beadwork magazine, Feb 2007. Laurel wreath of peyote stitch leaves.

'The Ultimate Challenge Bead Boy in a Talismanic Bug Mask Wins a Shower of Prizes at Halloween Party Games with the Fashionable Fairies who Dwell in Iconic National Monuments, and Naturally Wonders What It’s All About' Response to challenge 'Bead Bead Boy' - neckpiece of vintage agates with beaded components and found objects, incorporating references to all the previous Challenges. Beadwork magazine, April/May 2007.

'Recycled Button Brooch' Bead Readers’ Gallery, Apr 2007

'Going Bananas Necklace' Bead Readers’ Gallery, Aug 2007





Competitions and Awards 2007


International Ugly Necklace Contest – 6th place with ‘Candy Girl’

Dorset Arts and Crafts Association Annual Exhibition – 6 Gold ‘Outstanding Merit’ Certificates (Marie Antoinette, Starfish Cuff, The Little Mermaid’s Little Purse, Tea in the Garden, Citrus Collar, Carnival Rose) and 9 Silver ‘Special Merit’ Certificates





Competitions and Awards 2006


Beadworkers Guild Challenge 'Fireworks' entry entitled 'Retro Rockets'. First prize, Novice class. Lusciously fringed and very brightly coloured collar of peyote, herringbone and brickstitch shapes pieced together and finished with spiral ropes and beaded beads.

Dorset Arts and Crafts Association Annual Exhibition 'Retro Rockets' overall winner of beadwork section and awarded Gold Certificate (Work of Outstanding Merit). Certificates were also awarded to 'Snail Trail' necklace (Gold) (see above), 'Garden of Love' collar (Silver) (see above), 'Summer Belt' (Silver), 'Trinity' necklace (Silver) (see above), 'Spring Blossom' necklace (Silver), 'Butterfly' amulet purse (Highly Commended) and 'Forest Bark' cuff (see below) (Highly Commended).





Published projects 2006


'Blue Reef' collar Beadworkers Guild Journal No. 29 (April), pp. 18-19. Peyote stitched collar with lush fringe of turquoise chips.

'Snowflakes' cuff (see below) and Christmas cards Beadworkers Guild Journal No. 31 (October), pp. 16-17. Chevron chain with snowflake patterns in frosted beads.

'Four Seasons Birch-bark Purse' Beadwork magazine Online (Oct/Nov 06), Herringbone amulet bag with interchangeable fringe embellishments.





Published images 2006


• 'April Showers Bring Forth May Flowers' response to challenge 'Bead a Shower'. Beadwork magazine (April/May 06), p. 120. Freeform brickstitch

cloud brooch with fringe of drops and blossoms.

• 'Royal Wave' response to challenge 'Bead a Fashion Icon'. Beadwork magazine (Aug/Sept 06), p. 120. HM The Queen in wirework and three-dimensional peyote stitch

• 'Memento Mori 2006'' (see below). Response to challenge 'Day of the Dead', Beadwork magazine (Oct/Nov 06) p. 128. Peyote stitch collar with lots of found objects and creepy little details. See description on website